Board and Staff

Board President Kelleen Adams and Board Member Michael Marks at the opening of "Everything From Afar Drifts Ashore."

Haines Sheldon Museum Board

Kelleen Adams, President

John Carlson, Treasurer

Lorrie Dudzik, Secretary

Michael Marks

Tim Ackerman

(There are openings on the board. To apply, contact Alekka Fullerton at the Haines Borough.)

Haines Sheldon Museum Staff

Helen Alten, Director

Position Open, Community Coordinator (contact Alekka Fullerton at the Haines Borough to apply)

Aly Zeiger, Museum Assistant, Collections

Jacqueline St. Claire, Education Coordinator, Summer
(mid-May - mid-Sept)

Briana Wright, Accounting

Position Open, Custodian (contact Alekka Fullerton at the Haines Borough to apply)

Haines Sheldon Museum Committees

The public is welcome to any Haines Sheldon Museum board and committee meetings. If you are interested in joining the Museum's board or would like to be included on a particular committee please email Helen Alten or contact the Haines Sheldon Museum for more information.

Jim Heaton
Jim Shook
Anastasia Wiley
Dave Pahl
Cynthia Jones*
Building and Grounds
Michael Marks
Jim Heaton
Jim Shook
Michael Marks
Sarah (Aly) Zeiger*
Cynthia Jones
Lorrie Dudzik
Lorrie Dudzik
Eldred Rock
has formed an independent organization called the Eldred Rock Preservation Assocation.
John Carlson
Michael Marks
All Board Members
All Board Members
All Board Members