Dinner and a Movie

2017 Dinner and a Movie Fundraiser

February 14, 2017 from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Chilkat Center

A fundraiser for the Haines Sheldon Museum, this Valentine’s Day dinner and a movie is dedicated to the warmth and passion of Mediterranean culture.  The Alten-Huber family are cooking a four course meal in memory of Grandma Teddy, a passionate linguist with a love of Greek food and culture. The meal will feature moussaka, fresh bread, Greek salad, dolmas and lentil soup. A silent auction of donated desserts will complete the meal.  Tickets may be purchased at the museum, at the Babbling Book or below.

The Movie: Mediterraneo

Winner of a 1991 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, Gabriele Salvatores's "Mediterraneo" is a deliberately charming comedy about love, in one form or another.

The time is 1941, a year after Italy joined Germany in the war against the Allies. A small group of Italian soldiers is dispatched to a tiny Greek island in the Aegean for four months of lookout duty. They include a young lieutenant with a passion for art, a robust sergeant who is the font of all Army knowledge, and a former farmer accompanied by his beloved donkey.

For a while the soldiers live in edgy expectation of unforeseen calamity. There is a village on the island but no sign of people. One night they see a terrible explosion on the horizon and realize that their relief ship has been torpedoed. As if that weren't enough, the owner of the donkey goes temporarily mad when the animal is shot by accident. In a tantrum of grief the soldier destroys the group's radio. The men lose all touch with the world outside.

Only then do the islanders emerge from their hiding places. They have been afraid that the Italians would be as vicious as the German occupiers who, when they withdrew, took all of the young island men with them. It isn't long before everyone's sunny nature appears. The Italian soldiers are absorbed into the life, heat and landscape of the idyllic island.

The local priest asks the lieutenant to restore the murals in his church. Two soldiers, who are brothers, befriend a lovely young female shepherd. The sergeant takes up folk dancing and the shyest of the soldiers falls profoundly in love with the island's whore.

The film is cannily constructed and acted, especially by Diego Abatantuono as the sergeant, Giuseppe Cederna as the man who falls in love with the island's most available woman and Claudio Bigagli as the lieutenant.

Rated R for two scenes showing women’s  breasts.

The Greek Dinner:

  • Tzetziki, Baba Ghanous, and Fresh Pita
  • Lentil Soup and Dolmas
  • Moussaka and Greek Salad
  • Dessert Auction
  • Alcohol available to purchase.